Wellbeing services, Stress management and Resilience training in the City of London.

Why does my Business Need Wellbeing Capital?

Mentally, physically and emotionally healthy people make a business successful. While unhappy and stressed employees can cause significant business losses.

Wellbeing Capital Partners can support your staff, and therefore your business, by providing individualized or group programmes that result in a work force with more energy, positivity and creativity.

How can WBCP Benefit my Business?

Our coaches specialise in Financial Services, Legal Services and Corporate industries.

Stress management

This workshop tackles the causes and strategies to manage stress in yourself, workplace relationships and the role and responsibility of the organisation

Emotional Intelligence & Resilience Training

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience are essential skills for those working within a challenging and competitive environment. Emotionally intelligent people are able to identify, manage and harness their own emotions and those of other people. Resilient individuals have the capacity to adapt and recover within an ever changing environment. 

Tech-Life Balance

Technology has changed the workplace and brought it’s own challenges such as information overload and digital distractions. This workshop offers strategies to manage our relationship to technology effectively.

Leadership Presence

No matter your looks or body type, you can have presence if you work on your ability to connect with others, from behind a microphone or otherwise.The audience is yours. So leverage your presence, and be the confident manager and speaker you have always wanted to be.

Creativity and Innovative thinking

Organisations must stay responsive to the changing needs of the market. This means finding new solutions to problems and opportunities. It is important in this context to allow employees to foster creativity and innovation in their ideation and decision making.

Corporate Wellbeing Day

A Bespoke offering of various wellbeing services including Mindfulness, Yoga, Massage. Please contact for details.

Reduce Stress & Improve Productivity in your organisation

If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry and we will explore how we can help.

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