High quality wellbeing services for busy professionals

Do you feel you never have enough time?

Most of our clients lead very busy lives and are always juggling 3 to 4 things at same time.

One of the revelations of living a life that prioritises wellbeing will be that you will start to feel that you have more time and in turn can perform better.


A bespoke, flexible and suggested programme.

We believe that it takes at least 3 sessions to start realising the positive impacts of our coaching.
After the 3 sessions we discuss with your needs for additional sessions with ideally one session in a week or fortnight for 3 months depending on time constraints.
-At the end of the programme we hope that the practice would have become part of your system and a habit that you can manage it yourself.
-We then recommend to continue for 1 session a month to keep on further developing and maintaining your practice.

Email us now and start the positive change.

Prices are different for different coaches and programmes. For individual Meditation & Mindfulness and Yoga classes the investment is £85 per session. Please contact us to get more information for group classes.

Reduce Stress. Feel great. Perform Better.

If you are interested in our wellbeing services, send us an inquiry and we will explore how we can help.

Yes, I want to make a change